How to Structure your church Growth path for optimal stewardship.

2 min readJan 13


Structuring your church’s growth path is essential for tracking and monitoring the spiritual growth of your members.

Churches need to have a clear growth path in order to ensure that their members are able to experience spiritual growth and stewardship. This growth path should be structured in such a way that it allows for tracking of individual members’ progress, as well as the overall progress of the church. By doing so, churches can ensure that they are providing their members with the best possible spiritual guidance and shepherding.

In short, having a growth path and being intentional with the growth activities and opportunities we provide our members will help us steward them better. As Ephesians says, we should equip the saints for the work of ministry.

In our years of training up churches in church administration we have found 2 models that can be used to structure your Growth path

  1. The Journey — This model consists of Stages, with activities in each stage, that follow on one another. A person is expected to start at the beginning and engage in the activities one after the other. The benefit of this model is that members know what the logical next step in their personal growth path is.
  2. The Decentralised model — This model consist of different Growth Areas with activities under each growth area. These growth areas and activities are independent of other growth areas. People enter the church, and from there engage in activities and growth opportunities that are relevant to their current needs and life challenges. Activities can be completed in any order, a person may start off with pre-marital training and then only to a foundations course etc. Examples of Growth Areas are discipleship, pastoral activities, leadership, serving/volunteering, social responsability etc..

Both of these models have there appropriate application situations, with the Decentralised model being the current favourite in most ministries.

Which ever you choose for your church, be intentional with the activities you add, and be intentional with tracking completed activities. Doing this will help you make decisions that will positively impact your church members’ growth and maturity.

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